Splitting the Force

Birth to Death we all move together as the earth takes us through a journey around the Sun.  Life has greater meaning and purpose when there is a strong family presents to hold our feet steady as we all travel through the waypoints of life to our next adventure.

Today Malinda and I had to split the force as she went on her own adventure,  I watch our Grandson Trini play soccer for the first time. At 4 yrs old he as never played sports this was a treat for all three of us to watch him run up and down the field trying hard to kick the ball into a midget net. The proud parents Joe and Valerie outfitted him with new cleats, shorts, socks, sports bag and new soccer ball any kid would love to have. All the kids on the team will improve as the weeks go by and today was a good start. His next practice the team will decide on a name, if Trini has a vote he would pick his favorite cartoon “Ben 10”. The YMCA is hosting the teams and they have a nice website to view the scores of the teams and schedule for the games, Trini’s team number is 10.

My wife Malinda could not be at Trini’s first practice today because she was on her way to a baby shower across town for our second grandchild Allison Marie Finch. The parents Richard and Lisa gave birth to a premature baby girl at Methodist Hospital, San Antonio, Texas;  weighting 1 lb 10 oz. Allison is doing fine and is getting bigger and developing normally every day.  These are the times when families keep our feet steady.  Malinda commented to me that the baby shower went fine and that the Carabajal Family did a good job hosting the baby shower.

The women from the Finch Family went in force to show their support to both Richard and Lisa.

  • My Mom – Great Grandma Finch
  • Kelli – Sister in-law
  • Kodi – niece
  • Valerie –  our daughter

One thought on “Splitting the Force

  1. Richard, you are awesome at creating scrapbooks online. You have two great subjects, Trini and little Allison. I need to hang out with you more and learn how to create an online photo gallery.
    Tell Malinda Kodi and I had fun at the shower and sorry we had to leave a little early. Kodi had a pitching lesson and I guess grandma decided she wanted to go because her knee was bothering her.
    Lisa’s family is very nice and we enjoyed meeting everyone.
    Please tell Richard and Lisa to keep in touch. I don’t have his phone number or anything so you can give him our numbers.
    Take care and keep the photos coming!

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