In with the new, out with the old – blog

I have been neglecting my blog for many years now and with 2012 here I have decided to try writing one more time. This post will close out 2011 and then full steam-ahead to keep a weekly blog of my photographic accomplishments through the new year.

It started in 2008 when I decided to try blogging as a tool to promote my photography.  The motivation to buy a high end camera was my Grandson Trinidad. My thought was that I could capture real action shots of his soccer games. I could not just settle for snapshots from a point and shoot camera, I had to go big with a Nikon D700. I always hear from other bloggers that equipment is not important but don’t let them fool you – it is 50% the result. This first photo of Trinidad was one that I was going to submit into a photo contest but never followed through.

     Trinidad played two seasons and then lost interest or did his mom and dad lose their motivation. I know its hard with both of them working –  but that whole story is for another time. I put my camera away and wondered why I invested so much money for a short lived hobby.

In 2009 I started reading about a technique called HDR – High Dynamic Range photography. One of the first books that caught my attention was written by Trey Ratcliff – his images were my inspiration to explore this new way to getting my camera warmed up again. While reading more about stacking and merging images, I was also shooting more portraits shots with my wife as the subject. My workhorse lens to capture her mood while she was going through a low period , after she was diagnosed with cancer was the Sigma 24 – 70 mm.  We are both in our Mid 50s now and my wife is doing fine today. The banner at the top of this blog is my wife Malinda – It was one of many shots where I tried to capture her thoughts and mood during that uncertain time.

Hello 2012

My goal for 2012 is to keep the blog moving forward as a way to share my thoughts and images of those interesting places and people that I may be fortunate to cross paths during my journey through photography. “Happy New Year”

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