Log cabin

It was a great year in photography for me – one of my accomplishments was to complete the series of painted church photos from the surrounding area of San Antonio and Austin.  The very last photo for 2011 was a log cabin that was used as the first church and school house by the Wendish emigrants who came to Texas to start a new life and practice religious freedom during the 1800s. It would have been easy to capture the detail of the logs but I wanted to focus on the bench that grounded the thoughts and prayers of the past.

Malinda and I decided to take a day trip through Schulenburg on New Years Eve, from San Antonio we drove to Shiner to start our photo quest. Our route would take us through the town of Praha,  Schulenburg, Wesley,  and then to Serbin. I have to give a thumbs up to our Honda Accord onboard navigation system, in combination with the iPhone google maps we were never lost and as a US Army recruiter told me once you are never lost until you run out of gas. When you get into the general area the trick in finding the churchs  is to look for the tall steeple towering over the tree tops or town roofs.

I used a 14 x24 mm lens, Nikon D 700 and  9 exposures to capture all available light for each church. The series is a way to display the beauty of the interior and the pride of the community. Each painted church that I have photographed is compose the same way to give all the photos in the series a connection.

The painted church in Serbin Texas was the last photo in the series, it was not an easy task to complete over seven hours of driving to get to our final stop.  When we arrived at the St. Paul Lutheran Church we heard organ music – my first thought is that services had started but there was only one car out front.  Malinda and I walked inside to find a parishioner with her daughter practicing their music presentation for the Sunday mass. Lynn stopped to talk with us and was kind enough to allow me to capture this final image – thank you!

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