Happy Birthday to my wonderful wife Malinda Huckle Finch – We have shared our life together for 35 years now and over these last few years I will have to say she has aged with grace like a fine whiskey “smooth” with a little kick. Thank you for all the things you have done for all of us in our tiny family.

During the early years Malinda would help me complete military correspondence courses or study with me before a promotion board – there was always something to memorize. While I was stationed at Fort Bragg, I had signed up for the most challenging course known throughout the airborne world as ” the Jumpmaster course”. This could be a deal breaker for promotion if I failed – I would have to report back to my unit with my tail between my legs or even worse be exiled to leg land. During those two weeks Malinda or the kids would help me study – they never realized how important it was to me to graduate as a Jumpmaster . Every evening the kids or Malinda would assist me on the next subject before the test. There was only one written test and the rest were hands on or performance test. Actions in the aircraft was a performance test that was conducted while we were flying in a C130 – the day before the kids would help me with my sequence little Richard and Valerie would stand in the hallway that was the C130 while I would shout out the command 10 minutes – Val and Richard would say 10 minutes, check static line…………. “stand in the door” the last command stand in the door Little Richard would stand in the door and on the command of GO Richard and Valerie would jump into the kitchen. The kids had fun the first few times but I had to get it right and we practiced until I could give the command with out thinking. The next day I passed Actions in the Aircraft as a first time go.

This story demonstrates one example how Malinda has supported and encouraging me to work on my interest – like photography. I always ask her to be critical of my work and the best part of my photography journey is having Malinda along to experience the sites together.

Happy 54th Birthday Malinda

Happy Birthday Malinda

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