Happy Birthday Dad

February 23, 2019 – The family came together to celebrate our Dads 86th Birthday it was a great day. There was enough food and conversation for many hours.

68 years old

   As a gift from Malinda and I, we wanted to do something different other than a traditional birthday card with well wishes. I searched the internet for ideals and came up with a gift that would match what I have been asking my Dad to do for many years.

To document his thoughts and experiences. Amazon, and YouTube was a place to start for gift searching which took me to a friendly store in Florida called the Paper Sea Horse.  This stationery store had the original Travelers Notebook with inserts. Sure you could buy a $1.00 notebook from any store but I wanted something that would last forever and motivate him to be serious about writing at 86 . Living does not stop when you get older your wisdom should be shared. The Travers notebook is something that can be passed down to be used by others and I want to thank the Paper Sea Horse for getting my quality purchase to me on time.

Happy Birthday Dad,

     You are now 753,360 hours old and an experienced earth traveler. In your journey around the sun this earth ship is traveling at a speed is 67000 mph.  Along the way you have seen conflict throughout this earth, participated in historical events, traveled the far eastern parts of the planet, experienced wars, peace and love; raised a family to continue on that journey with you. The most important part a survivor of cancer and its treatment.

     Malinda and I have provided a Journal for you to memorialize your thoughts and feeling not only over the last 8.6 decades but what you are experiencing today how you felt about your celebration on earth and where does this continued travel through the Milky Way take you.


The Traveler Notebook is a tool for you to bookmark times on earth past and present. The operation of a thought and emotion passing from your brain through to the hand to a pencil and capturing it on paper is rewarding and creates additional energy to continue.  Electronic devices that capture thoughts do not simulate the brain and are a distraction to life.

From the beginning of time, early earth travelers used their hands to document their time on this planet and it has stood the test of time.

     My wish is for you to continue with the medium of paper and pencil.  Allow photos, smells, sounds and interactions be your guide in documenting your deepest thoughts about your travels through the solar system.

Apollo Soyuz project

     I want to offer several tokens, so that you can place on your first page. A 1975, 10 cent US stamp celebrating Apollo Soyuz Test in space.  This is a book mark a place holder of time in 1975 what you were doing and how you handled the events of the time. Next is a 1962, 4 cent Mercury Project US stamp. These stamps are only to simulate the inter thoughts to help develop what was going on in that year and the associated years and events that affected you.

Happy 86 years.

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