About Us

When I started this blog in 2008 I wanted to focus my thoughts on the topic of our grandchildren and family values, but that became too restrictive and too narrow of a subject. The initial title from my first blog post in 2008 it started with  “Watching Trinidad & Allison grow”. Now those are good points to talk about but if I wanted to blog on another issue not related to the theme then the title of the blog would not make sense to the reader . I have changed the theme to “around my space ” which leaves it wide open to any subject. The subtitle reflects what my wife and I may experience together as we move through our “50s”. The only blog post in a year was titled “Splitting the Force” – a good first start but I did not follow through. There are many things that have happened over the course of that year. I should have written about but the major hurdle that concerned both of us was the birth of our granddaughter  Allison. She is healthy now but for the first three months her home was in the Methodist NICU.

1976 to 2019 photos

This is a short version of  About US – and maybe over the course of the following year I will provide an in depth point of view of a conservative middle class American, living in Texas.


  • Malinda and Richard: Happily married since 1976
  • Richard: Retired US Army, 23 years service; education – UTSA Information systems; hobbies & interests – Genealogy, photography, web programing;  Current occupation – Support Service Manager Methodist Hospital, Radiology Department; Titles – Husband, Father, Grandfather.
  • Malinda’s favorite book: current occupation – Verifier, CITI bank; hobbies & interests -romance novels, quilting; Favorite book – Twilight; Titles – Mom, Wife, Grandmother.
  • Children: Valerie and Little Richard,
  • Valerie’s husband: Joe Martinez
  • First Grandchild: Trini
  • (new) Third Grandchild Isiah
  • Little Richard’s Girl Friend: Lisa Porter
  • Second Grandchild: Allison

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