Family Pets

Good Bye Britney

A year ago May 19 2007, Malinda wrote a few words about the loss of our beloved family pet. I kept her thoughts that she expressed that day because our pets are very much part of the family, she wrote –  Today is a sad day for my husband and I , we had to take our family dog Britney to the veterinarian to be euthanized. Britneys’ age caught up with her and it was too much of a struggle for her to move around because she was blind and could not hear. Britney was seventeen years old; born on Thanksgiving day in 1989. She traveled with us from Ft.Bragg to Berlin, Germany and back home to San Antonio, Texas. Britney was very much part of the family. She had the number one position on my husband’s lap and the other two family dogs Zoe and Marty would have to be on the other side and for the past year she became worse, she would sleep all day and would not eat much. it was time to let her live a better life.
Dick and I took Britney to the veterinarian office for the last time, Dick stayed in the car because is was very painful for him to see her go. I carried her inside to see the Doctor. He explained what was going to happen. It was painless, for her and she went willingly, she laid her head down and went to sleep, Good Bye Britney!
We took her to Mom & Dad’s property an buried her where she is to stay. Britney will be dearly missed by all of us, she was truly part of our family. 

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